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What things seem to be…

While driving towards one of the nature walks that I seem to frequent, despite my inability to walk too far, I recently heard a verse as follows:


ہم  ہی  چراغ  کی  لؤ ہیں، ہمیں  پروانے

یہ اور بات ہے کے محفل ہمیں نہ پہچانے


Hum hi chiragh ki lau hein humhi parwanay

Yeh aur baat hay kay mehfil humay na pehchanay


I am the lamp’s light and I am the moth that goes towards it

Its a completely different matter that people do not recognize it.


I kept repeating these words as I walked around and snapped pictures of what I found beautiful or interesting. One of the pictures stood out amongst the group of those images as I felt it deeply connected with the words above. The reflection of the self as it is captured in an image taken by the same self is quite intriguing. Reminiscent of the flame and the moth but in a different way which I sadly can not explain well 🙂 As I thought more on the words and the image, a rather dismal ghazal formed in my mind that I present below on the subject of things appearing what they are not and sometimes being what they do not appear to be.

تیرا میرا رشتہ  کچھ کچا سا لگے

یہ کچا رشتہ مجھے اچھا سا لگے

Our relationship seems fragile

This fragility

This relationship

Is dear to me


مانا کے میرے عشق میں جھوٹ ہے

میرا جھوٹ بھی مجھے سچا سا لگے

I freely admit

There are flaws in my love

My flaws

Appear to be graces


خفگی نظر میں، برہمی جگر میں

رویہ اس  کا  کھچا کھچا سا لگے

An angry look

A hidden thought

She seems

Quite distant today


بیشک محبت میں  کئی دھوکے  ملے

آرزوِ دل کے پھر کوئی غچہ سا لگے

It seems I have been a fool

In love many times

Yet still I desire

For more frauds


نادیدہ  صنم سے نظر لڑاتا ہے کیا؟

ارادہِ  دل  تیرا ذرا  اونچا سا لگے

You seek to find

The unseen beloved

My friend you seem

To have high hopes


گواہیِ پیری لاکھ سہی سفید بالوں کی

میدانِ  عشق میں استاد  بچہ سا لگے

A million white hair

Stand witness to his wisdom

Yet in the field of love

He is so childlike


Self reflection

What it seems to be

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The Call… پکار دے

While walking through a forest last night, a mosquito was buzzing in my ear. Soon after, I found two mosquito bites on me. One on my right forearm and the other on my right ring finger. It reminded me of a verse I had heard years ago to the effect of:


پشہ سے سیکھے کوئی شیواہِ مردانگی

جو  قصدِ  خوں  کو  آے،  تو   پکار  دے


Pishay say seekhay koi shewa-e-mardangi

Jo Qaasad-e-khoon ko aye, to pukaar day


Which for me means that one should learn bravery and ‘manliness’ from a mosquito for when it comes for blood, it will warn you first and not strike from the shadows. An interesting twist of idea and notion but it led me to tap out a ghazal on my phone in the forest in the same zameen which follows:


ساقی خیالِ مال توں دل سے اتار دے

نقدی نہیں ہے آج تو، تھوڑا ادھار دے

O cupbearer

Forget about the money

I do not have cash today

Let’s work on credit


نہ  جا اٹھ  کے اس بےرخی  سے  توں

زلف پریشان ہے میری، توں سنوار دے

Do not leave me

devoid of feeling

Can you run your fingers

through my tousled hair


دو آنسوں توں میری میت پے گرا دے

اشکوں سے آج میری، تربت سنوار دے

Weep a while

For my death

Your tears may

Make my grave beauteous


کچھ تو امید  باندھ  یا رب  کے اب

دل مایوس ہے میرا، خیالِ نگار دے

Give me some hope

For I feel sad

Give me a thought

Of the beloved


کیسے آدابِ شرافت سیکھے ہیں تم نے؟

آئیں ہیں در پے تیرے، توں دھتکار دے؟

What manners

Have you learnt?

I come to your door

And you push me away?


خزاں تو بے دل کرتی ہے استاد کو

کچھ  جوشِ جنوں دے،  تو بہار دے

Fall is depressing

If there is any madness

It comes to me

In spring


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