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The Buildings

On a recent trip to a rather magnificent and very dear metropolis (a place I have been frequenting for almost 20 years now) I was amazed to see new buildings pop up with startling frequency. The drive there made me remember seeing different cities such as Dubai, Chicago, Toronto, Karachi etc. I return to them with a gap of two or three years between my visits. On each visit to such a city, I am surprised to see new skyscrapers come out of seemingly nowhere. That thought  made a verse present itself to me which formed into a ghazal which I present below:


میں  بولا  قہرِ  الہی  یہ کیا ہو گیا؟

ہنس کہ بولے جو ہو گیا سو ہو گیا

I asked what happened?

A curse from the heavens?

She smiled and said

What happened, happened


مقامِ  بندِ   جذبات   نہیں  تھا  میخانہ

روبروِ ساقی وہ ہنس گیا میں رو گیا

And the tavern

Is not a place to contain emotions

She laughed out loud there

I cried my heart out


عمارتیں  اگتی  ہیں یہاں مانندِ شجر

واللہ اس زمیں میں کون کیا بو گیا؟

These buildings

Rise out like trees

From the ground

Who planted the seeds?


خواہشیں  تو بہت  تھیں حساب کی

جب روزِ حشر آیا  تو میں سو گیا

I had a deep desire

For scores to be settled

But on the day of judgment

I overslept


جسدِ خاکی  تو اپنی  ملکیت مگر

نا جانے دلِ وحشی کہاں کھو گیا

My body still

Belongs to me

A wild heart however

I lost somewhere


عاشقیِ حق تو ثابت قدمی ہے

دیارِ یار  سے توں  گیا تو گیا

And the love of truth

demands a steadfast approach

If you leave your lover’s doorstep

You are lost


عجب  باب  ہیں  داستانِ  استاد کے

عرب میں پیدا ہوا عجم میں کھو گیا

And what a strange life

Has he led

He was born in Arab lands

And now he’s lost in foreign worlds

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