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The way in which we look at each other and the manner in which lovers glance at each other is something that has been written about in classical poetry for ages. The idea of doting on someone can only be experienced in how someone looks at another person. That gentle smile on the lips and love in a person’s eye has to be experienced to be believed and at times, it does make one appear to be quite the fool. On the subject of furtive glances and admiring looks towards beauty, I present this foolishly romantic ghazal.


انکو دیکھیے کوئی گلاب دیکھیے

یوں حسن دیکھیے شباب دیکھیے


جام کو چھڑا دیں نگاہیں ملا دیں

نشہ دیکھیے! بدلِ شراب دیکھیے


پھر کسی بات پے وہ روٹھ گئے ہیں

گناہ دیکھیے اس پے عذاب دیکھیے


آؤ ہم چلیں   دل داؤ   پے   لگائیں

دل دیکھیے قسمت خراب دیکھیے


سوالِ عشق پے استاد کی خموشی

سوال تو اچھا پر جواب دیکھیے

Looking at her

Or a rose in bloom

Is almost the same

Since her visage is better than the rose


With one glance

She makes me drop the cup


She presents an alternative to wine


Yet for some strange reason

She is annoyed with me

A tiny sin

And a tremendous punishment!


So let me gamble with my heart

Its a valuable heart indeed

But as always

I have horrible luck


When he was asked about love

He remained silent

It was a good question

But the answer, brilliant!



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