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Shadows of your thoughts…

Fall approaches and my walks on campus as well as the surroundings often take me through interesting paths. One such path was covered overhead with leaves that made it appear to be sunset near the evening when streetlights start lighting up. That thought triggered a poor ghazal which is presented below.

Fall weather

Fall leaves overhead

شفق پہ تری یاد کے ساے جب بھی آتے ہیں

درد ،  غم ،   آس  و  یاس   سبھی  آتے  ہیں

When the evenings brings your thoughts

My old friends

Sorrow, grief, hope and desire

Also show up


وقتِ فراق ہم نے پوچھا کہاں چلے؟

تو وہ ہنس کے بولے ابھی آتے ہیں

And I asked as we parted

Where are you going?

She smiled and said

I’ll just be a minute


کب  وہ  آتے  ہیں  مرے  بلاوے  پے؟

جنازہ اٹھتا ہے میرا  تو  تبھی آتے ہیں

She will not come

If I ask her to

Perhaps she only seeks to come

At my funeral


پردہِ  حقیقت  پے  تیرے  فسانے

نہیں آتے کبھی تو کبھی آتے ہیں

The thought I have about you

May not become

A reality

Or perhaps it might


یوں  رخ  پھیرا  انہوں  نے  ہم  سے

جیسے ویرانے میں لاش دبی آتے ہیں

And she turned away from me

As if

She had just buried

Someone in the desert


کس  طرح   بیان  ہو ان  کا حسنِ خیال؟

ایسے خیال تو من فضلِ ربی آتے ہیں

And how can I tell you

The beauty of her thoughts

It must be

A divine source that inspires her


یوں تو استاد نے کب کی توبہ کر لی

مزاج ہو تو میخانہ میں بھی آتے ہیں

Yes he has quit drinking

Its been ages since

However, if he is up to it

He will visit the tavern now and then

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