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Do not tempt me… مت کر مجھے توں مجبور اور

یا خدا مت کر مجھے توں مجبور اور

کیا ہو گا جو ہوا عشق میں فتور اور؟

Do not tempt me further

What would happen?

If I continue

Loving you


دیدار کے طالب ہیں پر توں تو باطن ہے

کہاں سے لائیں ہم، اک کوہ ِ طور اور؟

I wish to see you

But you are hidden

Where can I find

Another mountain like Moses?


وہ کیا سمجھاتے ہیں؟ ہم سمجھ نہیں پاتے

پس یہ جانے کے رازِ عشق ہے ضرور اور

What does she want to explain to me?

I do not understand it

All I know

Is that there are more secrets to her love


اقبال تو بس ایک ہی آیا یہاں

ہند میں نہیں بچا، کوہِ نور اور

There was only one


India does not have another

Gem like him


مر جاویں پر دل نہ کسی کو دیں گے

حسینوں کے ہیں عشق میں طور اور

They will die

Before they fall in love

The beauteous

Behave differently in love


ضبط و صبر آج اتنا ہی تھا میرا کے

میں کہوں بس، تو وہ  کہیں  اور اور

My patience

Failed me today

She said more and more

I said enough


استاد  کو  تو  نکتچیں  یہی  کہتے  ہیں

حاصل کریں شاعری میں، ذرا عبور اور

My objectors

Continue to tell me

I should practice and gain more skill

In verse


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صریرِ خامہ نوا…

صریرِ خامہ نواِ سروش ہے

It is an interesting concept. The meaning of the quote, for those who do not know, is simply that the scribbling of the pen on paper i.e. the noise from the scratching made by the pen on paper is the voice of angels i.e. the voice of heaven. Written by Ghalib, the idea is quite fascinating since it gives a rather divine aspect to Ghalib’s words while keeping it within the realms of inspiration. Poetic inspiration for Ghalib seems to come from heaven itself. Which in many ways is true for a lot of poets. When one sees the words they have written and the meanings they have hidden in their words, it is easy to see the fingerprints of god on their words or at least their minds.

Of course, I do not claim to have any such pretensions. On the contrary, I believe that inspiration can come from quite literally anything. A good verse in a book, film, or a TV show can be as inspirational as the Himalayas. It is simply up to the mind of the audience to be inspired by it. I do not put much value in my words (except with poetic license and to follow poetic traditions) but I do feel that my words are somewhat dear to me. Luckily, we live in a world where we have the freedom to disagree with each other therefore feel quite free to mercilessly comment and recommend changes wherever you think necessary. If you like something I have written, please let me know but more importantly let me know if you disliked something.

In essence, this blog is being used as a crowd-sourcing tool for refining my own thoughts and editing poetry. Great poets of the late Mughal era in India used to find teachers and guides for editing and correcting their works. Lacking the skills to build a time machine and continually unable to find the courage to present my works to an actual poet, I present them to you with a veil of anonymity offered by the Internet. I am not pretending to be Iqbal, Faiz, Haali, Meer, Zouq, Shakeel, Faani, Faraz or Shaakir. Simply a poet (if I dare call myself that) who needs your help.


March 29, 2013 · 4:47 pm