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The writing on the wall… نوشتہِ دیوار


I was walking around downtown in a rather old part of the city (lets just say somewhere in North America) where graffiti and other public artworks (wanted or unwanted) seem to crop up with regularity. Of course, my own politics/opinions about graffiti are mixed since a part of me thinks its urban art and expression while another part of me believes it to be a form of vandalism. However, I can not help but have a reaction to it and a part of the reaction to this particular picture formed a rather weak ghazal in my head that I present below.

جہانِ فن میں  تیرا کردار ہے کیا؟

دیکھ تو سہی نوشتہِ دیوار ہے کیا

What is your role

In this world filled with art

Take a look

At the writing on the wall


اپنی  دولت  پے تو  اِتراتا  ہے کیا؟

جب نہیں عشق مستیِ پندار ہے کیا؟

Is it your wealth

That makes you proud?

If you have no drive in your heart

Then its your ego which intoxicates you


نہ گھبرا عشق کی افسردگی سے تو

دلِ  رنجیدہ  کوئی  مردار  ہے  کیا؟

And be not afraid

If your soul is gloomy

A sad heart

Can yet be revived


تیرے نام سے ہی تو عزت ملی ہمیں

کون  جانے  تیرا نام  بردار ہے کیا

If I got any respect

It was due to the glory of your name

Who knows

Where your name bearer ranks


نگاہ  پرعزم تو دل میں  خوفِ جفا

استاد جاتا ہے کوئے یار ہے کیا؟

He looks firm

But fears being hurt

Is he going towards

His lovers house?


پرچمِ ہاشمی و حسینی جس کے ہاتھ

تونہی بتا رتبہِ عباس علمدار ہے کیا؟

The signs of Hashim and Hussain

Were given to him

Go ahead and tell me

The rank of Abbas

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