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The Half-Hearted Protest… زحمتِ فریاد

A friend of mine brought to attention the words zehmat-e-faryad. It was used by Faraz in one of his poems and I found it relatively impossible to present a concise meaning of the words/idea in English. The closest I could come up with was something akin to ‘a half hearted protest’. However, it did lead me towards asking what Zehmat-e-faryad would be and how it would be answered. That led to a rather poor ghazal that is produced below.


زحمتِ فریاد کی کے یہ عشق کیسا ہے؟

چِل کے بولے کے، جیسا ہے ویسا ہے!

I complained

About the way she loved me

She said dismissively

It is what it is


دولت  سے  ناپتے ہیں  لوگ رشتے

معیارِ  انسانیت کیا  اب  پیسا  ہے؟

Relationships are measured

With money

Is this now

The measure of humanity?


کبھی  غمِ  روزگار،  کبھی  دل کا  کاروبار

سفرِ دن و رات، ماہ و سال تو بس ایسا ہے

I work

I love

That is how I spend

My day, night, month and year


جواب  نہ تھا مرے  پاس  جمالِ یار کا

ہنس کے بولے، بتا یہ کمال کیسا ہے؟

I was speechless

At her beauty

She smiled and said

How do I look?


چلو رقیب سے بھی ہاتھ  ملا  لیتے ہیں

دشمن تو ہے پر انساں میرے جیسا ہے

Lets shake hands

With her boyfriend

He may be my enemy

But he is a man like me


جلال و بزرگی میں برابری تو نہیں پر

مزاجِ خدا  بھی اکثر  تیرے جیسا ہے

There is no comparison

Between her and God

But there are times

When she behaves like her


دعوتِ گناہ اور وہ بھی رمضان میں؟

کیا سمجھے آپ؟ استاد ایسا ویسا ہے؟

An invitation to sin

In the holy month?

Do you think

I am a sinner?


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