When I pray for her…

Whenever I pray

For her to smile

I light a candle

In my being


She says I should pray

But only for myself

Who can be the voice?

For another?


And when she left

I felt

My shadow

Being ripped from my body


With her I was not ashamed

Of being naked

The shadow of her hair

Turned into a cloak for me to hide


Love’s morning

I spent laughing

It was during the evening

That I was moved to tears


So now, Look at the stones

And show some reverence

That stone

Could be a god for someone


And if you must sin

Hide yourself first

I’ve heard

God sees everything


جب وہ میری دعا ہوتا ہے

دل میں روشن دیہ ہوتا ہے


آپ  اپنے  لیے  دعا  کریں

کون کس کی صدا ہوتا ہے؟


وہ  گیا  تو  ایسا درد  ہوا

جیسے سایہ جدا ہوتا ہے


ننگِ بدن کی فکرنا تھی

سایہِ  زلف  قبا  ہوتا ہے


صبحِ عشق مسکرا گزری

شام  گئے  رونا  ہوتا ہے


عزت سے دیکھ سنگ کو

یہ  کسی  کا خدا ہوتا ہے


گناہ کر چھپ کے استاد

سنا  رب  دیکھتا  ہوتا ہے


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7 responses to “When I pray for her…

  1. Simply love the tenderness in emotion when you say ‘I light a candle in my being’ and the subsequent ripping of one’s shadow from one’s being. Beautiful symbolism and play of words.

    I have particularly become a fan of the way you evoke the imagery of fire and light to capture the drama, the highs and the lows of love in your poems. You make emotion dynamic, it feels immediate and you take the reader on the journey with you. That said, Usatad, don’t forget to give us hope to continue the journey of love!


    • The journey of love continues unabated… It becomes a compulsion on us whether we have someone to love or not… I really do feel at times that anything worthwhile which was ever produced, thought of or created in the world must have been a labor of love… Otherwise it was for naught… 🙂


  2. fromartsbluemouth

    🙂 I always come back to reading this poem of yours. And I try doing it quite secretly. “Gunah kr chup ke usatad suna rab dekhta hota hai “


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