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Silence in the sunlight…

Silence in the sunlight…


As the days get shorter, I find less and less of the precious sunlight that I found an abundance of in the summer. Interestingly, I often find the silence of sunlight quite comforting and a friend on mine recently used the words ‘silence in sunlight’ in one of the random conversations we engage in. For some odd reason, this phrase got stuck in my head. Minutes later the phrase had translated itself into several different languages and an Urdu ghazal formed in my mind which I present for you below:


کہاں  سے  سیکھی  تیری آواز نے ہوابردوشی

چھاؤں سی سرگوشی، کڑی دھوپ سی خامشی

Where did you learn?

To use your words?

A shaded whisper

A burning silence


دونوں  کی  دسترس  سے  ہے باہر یہ راز

عشق کیا شے ہے؟ عقل و دل کی کشاکشی

Both can not fathom

This ethereal secret

What is love?

A struggle between heart and mind


تیرے حکم کی تعمیل میں ہی تو زندہ ہیں

مر  ہی  جاتے  ہم،  پر  حرام  خودکشی

In obedience to you

I stay alive

I would have killed myself

But you forbid it


بڑی    نزاکت   سے    دستِ   یار  تھامنا

دل کا کھیل ہے یاروں، نہی کوئی بزکشی

And be gentle

When you hold your lovers hand

It’s good to be gentle

The name of the game is not buzkushi


مثلِ فیض جو ہم بھی کونے یار سے نکلیں

تو  سوِ دار  ہم چلیں،  بڑے خوشی خوشی

And if I left the lover’s house

Satisfied like Faiz

I’d happily go

To the gallows like him


حسینوں کے جھرمٹ میں استاد رہتے ہیں

پھر کیوں عادتِ دل ہے؟ مسلسل نا خوشی

He is surrounded by beauty

And yet

The state of his soul

Is continuous sorrow?


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