Your Visage… تیرے جیسی ماه جبیں خوبرو

I have always been interested in seeing. By that I mean seeing things, people, events and everything else that this wondrous world has to offer. Of course, it also means that some of things I get to see are quite ordinary or even unappealing but that has not stopped me from seeking out what can be extraordinary! 🙂 I guess that has been a large part of the reason why I wander from place to place seeking new things and perhaps vainly trying to see that which cannot be seen. I am quite sure that there are still places left on the planet unseen by the human eye (yes I know about Google earth) but perhaps there is a cave on an island in the Pacific that no one has seen yet! 🙂 As I thought on the subject of what has been seen and what has not, a poor ghazal formed in my mind that I present below.


تیرے جیسی ماه جبیں خوبرو، کس نے دیکھی؟

تجھے پانے کی میری جستجو، کس نے دیکھی؟

Your visage, beautiful

Who has seen it?

My desire to find you

Who has seen it?


پیامِ  وعدہ  خلافی  آیا  تو  با  زبانِ  رقیب

الہی اس طرح کی گفتگو! کس نے دیکھی؟

A curt message

Sent through her friend

Lord Almighty!

What a way to talk


جسے   دیکھا   بس  طالبِ  دنیا  دیکھا

حیاتِ منتظر کی آرزو، کس نے دیکھی؟

Everyone seems to be

A seeker of worldly gains

Who seeks

The awaiting reality?


کبھی دیکھا تجھے تو پسِ پردہ دیکھا

جانِ آفریں روبرو؟  کس نے دیکھی؟

If I ever saw her

It was behind a veil

Who has seen

That beauty unveiled?


تاریکیوں  کے  شکوے  چھوڑ  کے بتا

حق کی روشنی چارسو کس نے دیکھی؟

Quit complaining

About the darkness

Do you not see

The light of truth surrounding you?


سفرِ بندگی  تو  استاد نے اکیلے ہی کیا

اس کی عبادت دوبدو کس نے دیکھی؟

And who has seen me

Walk the path?

I feel

That I walk unseen


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3 responses to “Your Visage… تیرے جیسی ماه جبیں خوبرو

  1. fromartsbluemouth

    thankyou! for words that offer so much to many stories many paintings many hearts n thoughts


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