Wondrous Beauty… جہاں کی جوانی

  جہاں کی جوانی… Wondrous Beauty

I make a habit to regularly gain some inspiration from the many works of scripture as well the religious traditions of various schools of thought. I have the same level of respect for Lent as I have for Ramzan therefore it becomes rather easy to relate and gain some meaning for the words.

Of course, I do not present a defence for scripture nor do I apologize for it. It simply is what it is and as a reflector on the words contained within it I gain what I can from it. One of the lines I read recently mentioned the case of Moses talking to God and asking God to remove the hindrance he had in terms of using his words. It appealed to me greatly personally as I’m sure that all writers struggle with their words and language. The greatness of the words themselves inspired a ghazal that I present below.


کون  جانتا  ہے  اسے؟   اک راز  نہانی

خوبصورت، سہانی، جہاں کی جوانی

Who knows what it is

A mystery?

Beauteous, Wonderous

The grandeur of nature


اک دلفریب  قصہ  ہمارے  اجداد کا

اک معزز  خاندان  کی معزز کہانی

It is a fascinating tale

The story of my ancestors

An honor filled account

Of an honorable family


ثباتِ جہاں تو  فریب  ہے یاروں

پس ذاتِ خدا  ہے، قائم  لافانی

The permanence of anything

Is mere illusion

The only permanence

Is divinity


ہوتی  ہیں  اکٹھی  یہ  کیفیات اکثر

چشمِ یار انجانی، حالتِ دل طوفانی

These conditions occur together


A stranger’s gaze

A storm in my heart


اجی  آپ  کیا  دل  پے غم لیے پھرتے  ہیں؟

چلیں کوئی اور بات کریں، سہانی سہانی

Why do you go about

Laden with sorrows

Say something nice

Something beautiful


چلے آے پھر میکدے میں استاد؟

چاہتے ہو کیا؟ بچی عزت گواںی؟

Are you back at the tavern?


What do you want?

To lose what you have left?


دعا کرتے ہیں جب زباں ساتھ نہ دے

مانندِ موسیٰ ، حلل عقدہ من لسانی  

We seek help when we do not know

What should be said

Like Moses

We ask for our tongues to be liberated


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3 responses to “Wondrous Beauty… جہاں کی جوانی

  1. fromartsbluemouth

    waaah ! ! this has become my favorite work of yours!


  2. fromartsbluemouth

    more more more…more wondrous poetry..will send/post more


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