The Caravan of Life… زندگی کا کارواں

The Caravan of Life… زندگی کا کارواں

On an unseasonably warm day, the idea of a walk in nature is quite disturbing. Admittedly, on any other day where the temperatures hover around 20 and partly sunny conditions exist، I’d happily go on a trail or along a creek enjoying what nature has to offer.

However, on some days it is simply better to go for a walk through the mall. A place which is certainly as far as one can be from nature and in many ways, malls today are the cathedrals of capitalism but they still offer such a wonderful cross-section of life and what life has to offer that some of my best thoughts come to me in a mall. [Aside: It is also usually full of beautiful happy people which is good for the eyes and certain parts of the soul]. In any case, a walk through the mall once elicited this weak ghazal (as i reflected on Iqbal’s me nagreem o me raweem) that I present for you.

زندگی کا کارواں، زیست دریاِ رواں

ہم  بہتے  جاتے،  شعر کہتے جاتے

The caravan of life

A moving river

I flow with it

I say what I want to say


خدا بڑا مہرباں، ناصح ذرا بد زباں

ہم سنتے جاتے،  شعر کہتے جاتے

A merciful God

A furious pastor

I listen

I say what comes to mind


انجمنِ دوستاں، راز ہوے  ہیں  آیاں

دل دکھتے جاتے، شعر کہتے جاتے

A gathering of friends

Some secrets revealed

Some hearts hurt

I say what I had to say


میری قومِ مومناں، با حالِ بے کراں

ہم روتے جاتے، شعر کہتے جاتے

My people are full of hope

But remain in a poor condition

I weep

I say useless things


دل ہے بے ایمان، پر  ہے  رازدان

ہم ہنستے جاتے، شعر کہتے جاتے

I am dishonest

But I keep secrets

I smile

I speak when I need to


کوِ ملکِ دوستاں  تا رہِ  شہرِ دشمناں

اکیلے استاد جاتے، شعرکہتے جاتے

From the house of my friends

To the city of my enemies

I walk alone

I sing while I go to my death


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5 responses to “The Caravan of Life… زندگی کا کارواں

  1. its brilliant! the simplicity is as fluent -deep set as being in the market and not being able to look at or your own two feet because of the crowd. And the ones who sing always have their followers..;)
    really enjoying ur work..


  2. changed some settings! do check them out 🙂 and the address


    • I’ll certainly look at it in detail… It seems you’re going more open with regard to your art! 🙂 very nice!


      • fromartsbluemouth

        had a bit more time than usual so realized that wordpress is pretty cool. liked playing around, experimenting with different themes and organizing everything a bit..all else is the same..just a more detailed abt me thing. 🙂 thanks


  3. fromartsbluemouth

    this one too..n all actually..i love coming back to them..your work is going places..!:) keep it up!


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