An Interesting Situation… عجب معاملہ ہے

تیری دنیا میں رہتے کیسے رنگ باز، عجب معاملہ ہے

کوئی نیک کارساز کوئی بد کینہ ساز، عجب معاملہ ہے

What colorful characters

We see in the world

Some bright hard-workers

Others dark and malicious


اب   انہیں   توجہ   دیں   یاں   خدا   کو   سجدہ   کریں؟

اک طرف آمدِ یار اک طرف اذان کی آواز، عجب معاملہ ہے

Now should I entertain her

Or should I bow to God?

She came to my house

With the call to prayer


جانے کب عشق دیکھ لیا اس نے میری آنکھوں میں

نظر کیوں کھولتی ہے میرے راز؟ عجب معاملہ ہے

I do not know when

She saw love in my eyes

Why do my eyes

Reveal what my soul hides


کیا جو انہوں نے دل توڑا؟ ہم تو انہی سے پیار کرتے ہیں

بیوفائی  پے  بھی  اٹھائیں  ان  کے  ناز، عجب معاملہ ہے

So what if she broke my heart

I still am in love

Unjust to myself

I seek to please her


اک   نظر ڈال  کے  پسِ  پشت  پھینک  دیا

انھے دل دیا کے دی نیاز؟ عجب معاملہ ہے

She took one look

And tossed it aside

I gave her my soul

Not charity


اب  تو صفِ نمازِ عید  بھی بقدرِ حسب  بنتی  ہے

کہاں گئے وہ بندہ و بندہ نواز؟ عجب معاملہ ہے

Now even the lines for prayers

Are made according to social ranks

Whatever happened to equality?

To Ayaz and Ghaznawi?


صوفی و ملا کے مابین فرق کیسے سمجھاؤں تجھے؟

وہاں آلاتِ فساد تو یہاں مے و ساز، عجب معاملہ ہے

The difference between a sufi and a mullah

Is hard to understand

One side has the means for corruption

The other music and wine


استاد نے تو ایک عمر گناہوں میں گزاری یاروں

پھر کیوں بنتے ہیں آج پاکباز؟ عجب معاملہ ہے

He has spent

His life in sin

Why today

Does he present himself a pious man?


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8 responses to “An Interesting Situation… عجب معاملہ ہے

  1. Bakht

    You’ve been busy!


  2. Why today

    Does he present himself a pious man? 🙂 why is today ; today? i’m extremely amused by your interesting…beautiful..situation 🙂 ! keep it going..


    • Piety is often a strong question for most classical poets of Urdu, considering Ghalib who said that he would be considered a pious man if he didn’t drink or Akhtar Sherwani who said Tum to akhtar banay phirtay ho parsa tum sharabi nahi hum nay mana magar/ yeh batao kay kal rat thay tum kehan dair itni hoi to kehan ho gai… Another verse by him accuses others of pretending to be pious… as “un ki tareef ka pochtay ho? umer sari gunahon mein guzri/ parsa ban rahay hein woh aisay jaisay ganga nahaie howay hein” (aside: very difficult zameen to work with in that ghazal!) I feel that the poets seem to have hated outwards displays of piety and wanted to feel it inwards… in deeds and actions rather than mere words… Sorry for the long post but its very difficult to explain a verse or the full thought behind it without writing an essay on it! 🙂

      TL:DR. It could all be just self depreciative behavior!


  3. Obfuscation is also a part of the rituals practiced by the poets… hiding behind layers of words and confusing the meaning of what they say… Essentially the practice outlined by the famous persian poets such as Rumi Haafiz and Omer Khayaam… 😉

    I guess the world decides which one is better… more often than not the truth wins out and piety in actions is better than words… Sadly there are times when the truth does not win the battle… :7

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