Spring and Autumn… عالمِ بہار یہاں پر رنگِ خزاں

I heard a fantastic verse which was as follows:

اسی  تلاش  و  تجسس   میں  کھو  گیا  ہوں  میں

جو میں نہیں تو کیوں ہوں، جو ہوں تو کیا ہوں میں؟


“Isi talaash-o-tajassus mein kho gaya hun main,

jo main nahi hun to kyun hun, jo hun to kya hun main”


The search for an answer and my curiosity

Has me lost in bewilderment

If I am not, then why am I?

If I am, then who am I?


As I thought more on it, the beauty of the lines started forming more words in my mind. I’ve always felt that great art inspires more art and with that measure, the verse above is certainly great art. I wrote something in a similar vein but as the words came to me in a sort of rush, I feel it remains a little disjointed (Particularly the first two couplets). I so wish I could write better and give a better tribute but still, my words remain. You might even consider the first two couplets as a response to the verse above and take the remaining ghazal on its own merits. Limited as they may be 🙂


توں ساتھ ہی تو رہتا ہے جہاں ہوں میں

تبھی  تو  فکر نہیں کے  کہاں  ہوں  میں

You remain with me

Wherever I may be

Therefore I do not wonder

About my whereabouts


کبھی شاہ پھر گدا،  کبھی  رند  یا  پارسا

تیرے عشق میں آخر، کیا کیا نہیں ہوں میں

A king, A beggar

An alcoholic, a pious man

In your love

I took on so many shapes



صد افسوس کے لب نہ کھلے عالمِ نزاع میں

معلوم  ہوا  بسمل  کا،  نعراِ فغاں  ہوں  میں

I could not speak

As I lay dying

I then discovered

I am a silent scream


کیفیتِ  دورِ  حاضر تو  یہی  کہتی  ہے دوست

معرکہِ  حق ہونے کو ہے، صداِ  اذان  ہوں  میں

The state of the world tells me

The battle for truth

Is about to take place

I am the siren’s call


عمر کی نقدی کم ہوئی، چاندی بالوں میں دیکھی

ہے  تو  عالمِ  بہار  یہاں،  پر  رنگِ  خزاں ہوں میں

The accounts of my life are low

I see strands of grey in my hair

I see spring everywhere

But carry autumn within


عشق سے بچیں کیسے کے وہ ہنس کے کہتا ہے

جہاں چاہے رخ کر،  مکان  و  لامکاں   ہوں  میں

How can you protect yourself from love

It smiles and says

Turn where you may

I am here and nowhere


میرے  دل  کے فیصلے، یکلخت  مت کرو  ایسے

ہم سے بھی پوچھ لو، کوئی بے زبان ہوں میں؟

Do not presume to make for me

The decisions of my thoughts

You should ask me

I am not speechless


حبِ  حق کی آواز تو دل ہے، سن کیا کہتا ہے

بیانِ  یزداں  ہوں  میں،  پیامِ  قران  ہوں  میں

Your soul is the voice of truth

Listen to it

It is the word of God

The lesson of the scripture


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5 responses to “Spring and Autumn… عالمِ بہار یہاں پر رنگِ خزاں

  1. u make me realize how blessed i m..to be able to ask questions


  2. I’ve been pondering recently..answers are not answers generally(maybe)..they are an extension of the questions for new questions… so we are interesting creatures..we only choose are fears..:) again;maybe..! ! just a silly thought 😉


    • There is a pashto saying which essentially means that if one is to ever run out of enemies one should create more! 🙂 I believe it means that enemies/fears give meaning to life as they give you a drive and purpose… Just like questions and answers… both of which give us a path to go on…

      I guess a perfect answer would be something that leaves you slightly unsatisfied… So that you continue to seek a higher truth… 🙂


      • Couldn’t agree more:) do share the saying in pushto as well. Aren’t we strange! in other words..we want what disturbs us! and coming to think of it.. That’s kind of what happens to me when I’m making work as well.. I want to do what I’d assumed that I wouldn’t be able to do/understand/manage. But there r ‘moments’ when doing becomes the only option. Irrespective of the results, even if they end in disaster! 🙂


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